Frequently Asked Questions

For Organizations

How do I partner with the Volunteer Center Serving Howard County?

Check out our page on how to become a partner, which includes information about the benefits of partnership. Once your organization is registered, you will be granted access to our partner portal and will be able to submit volunteer opportunities.

I have just become a Volunteer Center Serving Howard County partner organization. How do I learn more?

You can learn more about how to best create and enhance your volunteer programs through our trainings, communications, and consultation opportunities. Additional infomraiton can be found on the Training and Education page.  

We offer free monthly New Partner Staff Orientations which cover the use of our HandsOn Connect volunteer management software, the features offered and how you can take advantage of the system's functionality to meet your organizations volunteer needs.

Several times a year we also offer trainings/roundtables on topics of interest to organizations using volunteers.

We periodically send an agency newsletter to keep our partner organizations informed of these and other opportunities.

How do I post volunteer opportunities on the Volunteer Center Serving Howard County's website?

To post volunteer opportunities on the Volunteer Center Serving Howard County's website, you need to first be registered with the Volunteer Center Serving Howard County and become a partner organization (see link above). Registered Partner Organizations have access to a partner protal where they enter their volunteer opportunities and manage their volunteers. 

I just submitted my volunteer opportunity submission. Why hasn't it shown up on the website yet?

Our staff members must first review and approve each project before it gets posted. You will receive an e-mail notice once the project has been approved and posted. If it has not shown up on the website within three business days, please contact us.

How will volunteers express interest in my opportunity?

The Volunteer Center Serving Howard County's website functions as a search engine for volunteer opportunities. Volunteers can search for opportunities based on location, interest and skills. When a volunteer expresses interest in a project, both the project contact and the volunteer will receive each other's contact information. We highly recommend that the organization's staff contact the volunteer within 3-5 business days (sooner, if possible). The Volunteer Center Serving Howard County also tracks volunteer feedback to ensure that the process works smoothly.

I have received a notice that my organization's project(s) are expiring. What should I do?

The e-mail will include a prompt to update your opportunity. However, you will also receive this notice about projects when your organization's partnership is expiring.