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Organization Profile

The mission of SharperMinds is to invoke change in our community by empowering and educating people about Domestic Violence and its prevention through professional training and facilitated discussions. Teenagers as young as twelve years old through their college years are being subjected to overt maltreatment, bullying, Rape, and physical violence to include being stab and strangled by their dating peers. Young people are dying at an alarming rate; they are in dire need of knowing how to set relationship boundaries and recognize the early signs of intimidation. The term relationship has been re-defined. It is imperative they we prevent tweens from being victimized through education and awareness. We are failing to clearly define what should be accepted in a relationship. We are failing to connect with our tweens and are missing grave teachable moments. How many young people have to die, face prosecution or even commit suicide, as a result of dating violence, before we decide to educate? There are some strong realities to consider. The first, there exist a lack of a consensus on the terminology surrounding dating violence; we need to focus research and education toward this matter now. Secondly, we have to instill values and tangible solutions to combat the overexposure to aggressiveness and violence. Thirdly, tweens who are in abusive relationships tend to grow up to become adults in abusive relationships. Lastly, the thirty three percent of girls who will be bullied and beat, but will not tell, need to know how to properly handle it.

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