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Living In Recovery


The mission of Living In Recovery (LIR) is to provide affordable housing and a supportive environment free of drugs and alcohol for persons in recovery from alcohol and/or drug addiction. Members of the community suffering from addictions are fundamentally unable to live fulfilled lives until they are secure in a program of recovery. They once were active members of the community but addictions stole their ability to function in school, in the workforce and in the family. All other activities of normal life were sacrificed to their addiction. The road back is long and hard. It often begins with an inpatient treatment program for substance use disorder, followed by continuing outpatient treatment and/or participation in Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous communities, which have an admirable record of helping people rebuild their lives. In this phase of recovery, addicts must avoid the locations and relationships that contributed to or supported their substance abuse, so their previous housing may not work for them. Because of behaviors during their active addiction, friends and family may not immediately welcome them back. Thus, finding a place to live is often a challenging part of recovery. LIR provides persons in recovery the housing and supportive environment that is so essential to restoring their life and again becoming a participating member of the community. It is the only Recovery Housing provider in Howard County, with three houses of men and one for women,

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