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Organization Profile

Better BedRest, Inc.

Founded in 1993, BedRest, Inc. is a grassroots non-profit support, resource and referral service available to women placed on bedrest due to complications of pregnancy. Expectant mothers and their families are often caught off-guard when doctors or midwives suddenly prescribe bedrest. Better BedRest helps support these women and their families in a variety of ways for positive outcome for mom and babies. Telephone volunteers check in with each caller weekly. They offer emotional support as well as referrals to important community resources. We also offer Emergency Grants for women who have lost a salary due to being on bedrest. Through an application process, a bedrest mother who is a caller with BBR may apply to have a bill paid up to $500. If approved by a committee, a check would be sent to the billing company directly. Many women have received these grants and feel it has helped them during this stressful time. We believe that supporting these women that are facing a crisis during what is normally a happy time, can help enhance the potential for Howard County residents to live fulilled and enriched lives by helping them get the emotional support they need, receive assistance in the areas they are lacking, and hopefully having a healthy outcome at the end of their pregnancy. CURRENTLY RECRUITING BOARD MEMBERS.

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