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Volunteer Center Staff is on temporary furlough with no access to email or voicemail due to Columbia Association's closure. 

Organization Agreement 

Memorandum of Understanding between The Volunteer Center Serving Howard County and. Partner Agencies:

Purpose of Memorandum

To identify the services rendered by The Volunteer Center Serving Howard County (Center), to set forth policies and procedures governing the Center's use by registered agencies (Agency), and to identify responsibilities of both the Center and the Agency.

Agencies Eligible for Registration

The Agency must be a non-profit tax-exempt organization under the Federal Internal Revenue Code or a governmental agency. There is an exception for private organizations working for the public good to register volunteer opportunities that serve the public rather than the organization.

Mission of The Volunteer Center Serving Howard County

To stimulate and expand volunteerism in the community through connecting people to nonprofit and public agencies in order to improve the quality of life for all people.

Responsibilities of The Volunteer Center Serving Howard County:


1. The Center maintains an online database that includes a mission statement, contact information, website and volunteer position descriptions provided by each registered agency.

2. The Center operates a clearinghouse that is accessible to the public and will match agency needs with potential volunteers.


3. The Center may refer potential volunteers to registered agencies. The Center's decision as to whether to make a referral to any particular agency shall be at the Center's sole discretion.

4. The Center staff does not screen potential volunteers for suitability of placement at a registered agency, and encourages agencies to screen volunteers consistent with job responsibilities.

5. The Center evaluates the outcomes of referrals from the viewpoint of volunteers and agencies and may offer consultations and technical support to those agencies in need of assistance in utilizing the services of volunteers.


6. The Center staff offers technical assistance to agencies wishing to begin or enhance volunteer programs.

7. The Center staff offers a variety of training opportunities and other educational experiences for volunteer coordinators, executive directors of public and non-profit organizations, volunteers, and others.


8. The Center staff maintains up-to-date information on volunteer-related subjects including awards and recognition opportunities, relevant legislation, trainings, and trends in volunteerism and makes this information available to registered agencies. The Center, however, does not provide legal, financial, or tax advice to registered agencies.

9. The Center staff works with agencies to identify functions or tasks that can be done by volunteer leaders or skills based volunteers in order to expand and/or enhance the mission of the agency.

10. The Center staff works with corporations and businesses to develop employer-sponsored volunteer programs to further advance volunteerism in the community.

Responsibilities of Registered Agencies:

11. The Agency will comply with all requirements of local, state and federal law governing employment and disabilities discrimination.

12. Any insurance legally required for volunteers will be provided by the Agency. The Agency must make its own determinations about insurance. The Center assumes no responsibility for insurance coverage.

13. The Agency will provide the Center with current information on the Agency's programs, contacts, and volunteer needs so that the Center can maintain an accurate database of current opportunities. The Agency must update all information at least annually or the Agency will be deleted from the database.

14. The Agency will provide the Center with statistical information concerning placement of volunteers referred through the Center (when available).

15. The Agency has sole responsibility for determining the suitability of potential volunteers referred through the Center. The Center strongly recommends that the Agency develop an interview process that adequately screens volunteers, using reference checks and criminal background investigations when deemed appropriate.

16. The Agency releases, indemnifies and holds the Center and the Columbia Association, Inc., their officers, employees, affiliates, agents, and representatives harmless from any actions, claims, demands, charges, costs and expenses, including attorneys fees, of any kind arising from or any in any way connected with the Center's referral of volunteers to the Agency and such volunteers' services for the Agency.

17. The Agency acknowledges that the Center will NOT recruit or refer volunteers to:

A) Work with private individuals without going through an agency

B) Take part in political campaigns

C) Engage in any activity involving religious proselytizing

D) Replace paid workers

The Agency hereby affirms that it will not use volunteers in any of these roles.


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