Board Connection

Board Connection is a program that connects community members who wish to serve on local boards, committees or commissions with nonprofit & governmental agencies seeking board, committee or commission members.  

Members of the Board

What is the role of a non-profit board?
The Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards are to determine an organization’s mission and purpose. The board is responsible for creating and reviewing the organization's goals, means, and primary constituents served. Select the chief executive.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Have an interest in the organization’s mission

  • Attend board and committee meetings as required

  • Contribute knowledge, ideas, time and money

  • Advocate for the organization

  • Fundraise and donate funds

  • Provide financial oversight

  • Strengthen programs and services

  • Maintain organization’s legal and ethical integrity

  • Responsive and alert to community perceptions’ of organization

  • Maintain transparency

Prior to serving on a non-profit board:

  • Request a written policy on board expectations.

  • Check your commitment to the mission.

  • Review your availability.

  • Keep your pledge to the organization.