Group Volunteers

Creating a Volunteer Team is the best way for groups or organizations to register to volunteer as a group.
 The Team leader creates the team, registers the team members for a volunteer opportunity and is responsible for keeping the team informed and ensuring their attendance.

  • Creating a Volunteer Team makes it easy for groups to volunteer with children and for one person to coordinate a group that wants to volunteer together.

  • Signing up for a volunteer opportunity as a team lets the organization know how many volunteers will be serving and reserves the required number of spaces for your team.

  • Team members do not need to be registered with The Volunteer Center Serving Howard County in order to volunteer with a team.
  • Contact information for Team Members can be either a unique email, a phone number (does not need to be unique) or for a company team, a company affiliation. 

Learn about being a Volunteer Leader at one of our free Volunteer Leader trainings held several times a year. Click here for more information.


Step 1: Register
The Team leader must create and account (register) on this site in order to Sign Up for or Express Interest in a volunteer opportunity.

Step 2: Create a Volunteer Team

  • Login to the site (you will then be on the My Account page) and click on the Create New Team link in the left menu.

  • Complete the form adding all team members and click the Create Team button.

    • Note: for each team member you will need either a unique email or a phone number (does not need to be unique). You will also need to input age for minors.

  • Once your team has been created you can manage the team through the My Teams link in the left menu.

  • NOTE: It is important to create your team before you sign up for the opportunity.

  • Please take a few minutes to view these helpful and informative videos:
    Creating Volunteer Teams
    Working with Teams

Step 3: Find Volunteer Opportunities

There are several ways to find volunteer opportunities for groups.

► Opportunity Calendar

The Opportunity Calendar lists Date & Time Specific Volunteer opportunities (you’ll find the link above the Basic Search Box on the Find an Opportunity page). Often these are events that need larger numbers of volunteers.

► Filtered Search

Search the listing of posted volunteer opportunities using Additional Filters to select opportunities that have been marked as appropriate for groups.

  • From the Find An Opportunity page
    Enter the appropriate zipcode and, if you have a desired time frame, a Date From and Date To in the "Basic Search Box"

  • Under "Additional Filters" click the + on "Appropriate For"

  • Check the box for "Groups" and if your group includes of youth, select the age of volunteer also.

  • Select any other filters you wish to search by

  • Click "Refine"

If you do not find a suitable opportunity filtering for group opportunities or viewing the opportunity calendar, review all opportunities that fit your other criteria (dates, age. Etc). Just because something is not tagged as suitable for groups, doesn’t necessarily mean a group can’t sign up for the opportunity. Be sure to click the New Search link in the basic search box to clear all filters before beginning a new search.

► Browse Organizations

If you still have not found an opportunity that suits, you may want to consider reaching out to an organization and offering your service. Many nonprofits have very limited staff and may not have had the time post a volunteer opportunity even though they could use help. Click on the Browse Organizations link in the blue bar to view a list of our registered Partner Organizations. You can view the list by Organizations Name (default) or click the Impact Area heading to sort by that field. To view more information about an organization, click on the organization name. In most cases you will also find a link to their website with additional information.

► Youth

Groups looking for opportunities for youth should check our Youth page for additional helpful information on Youth volunteerism.

► Resources

Check our Resources page for links to other organizations involved with volunteering.

Step 4: Express Interest/Sign Up
When you find a volunteer opportunity listed on our site you can register your Team for the opportunity by clicking the “Or express interest (signup) with a team” link at the bottom of the opportunity.  You will be prompted to select your team and then select the team members you want to sign up for the opportunity.